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Typical AMD patients delay by several weeks to multiple months prior to presenting with exudative AMD. The Olsen study, (Olsen - Ophthalmology February 2004) documented that typical patients present with a 3,600 micron scotoma prior to start of therapy, with up to 5 lines of vision loss.

Patients need help detecting the transition from dry to wet AMD. KeepSight is the only system that address each of the leading reasons why patient delay presenting after a transition from dry to wet AMD. Our current studies are evaluating KeepSight’s value proposition are evaluating how KeepSight improves.

  • Help-seeking behavior
  • Sensitivity / specificity
  • Patient adherence / compliance
  • Patient awareness and understanding of AMD
  • Doctor – patient relationship

It is also the only tool that is specifically designed to bolster the relationship between you and your patient. KeepSight tools are designed to support your patients between routine office visits, so if they detect a change in vision, they will promptly call your office to determine if they need to be evaluated prior to their next scheduled routine office visit.

KeepSight continues to deliver your message of education beyond the office visit, providing them a permanent reference to remind them of the explanations that you provided in your office.
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