How our Technology Works
Keep Sight has developed a set of patented tests that allow people to monitor their vision from the comfort of their own home. The process is quick and easy. Together we can save your vision.

Step 1. Take the Keep Sight Quick Test

Step 2. Sign up for a FREE account

Step 3. Get your results

Step 1 is designed to see if you have any distortions in your vision that you should be monitoring.

Step 2 allows you to track of your vision and any changes you might have over time. If you don't have any distortions we have a doctor recommended 6 month reminder via email. If you happen to have a distortion in your vision and your doctor already knows about it, then we have a weekly reminder service. By taking 5 minutes a week to monitor any changes will not only help prevent any unnecessary loss in vision, but it will also empower you to take control over your vision care. If after taking the quick test you are surprised with the results of having a distortion you did not realize you had, we strongly recommend you set up an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible and take advantage of all the recent advances in ophthalmic treatments.

Our eyes do a lot for us, so let’s return the favor and take care of them as well.