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Welcome to This free site is designed to help people with AMD and other retina conditions monitor their vision so they may detect and monitor early changes in their vision and seek appropriate professional help in a very timely way.

My name is Mark Roser, and I developed the KeepSight tools after being diagnosed with AMD 15 years ago in my left eye.

Losing your central vision is a very emotional experience; and it is only made worse when you don’t know if you are getting better or not. I was frustrated by the lack of accurate tools that could help me understand if my vision was getting better or getting worse. The uncertainty bothered me so much that I decided to create my own tools with common objects around my home and workshop.

I have used these tools for 15 years now with a high degree of success. In 2005, I embarked upon converting them into an internet website that anyone in the world could use for free. What you see in this website is the result of these years of effort.
In the coming months, we will be working together with pharmaceutical companies, universities and eye hospitals to gain medical recognition for these tools and to find financial support to keep them free to the worldwide public.
Please support our effort to keep this a free site by sharing your experiences and stories with us. We are very interested in what you feel we are doing right and what we could improve.

If the KeepSight tools helped you detect a problem early please share this success with us!

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